Teeth Express

  • secure, natural looking teeth remain stable in your mouth with no need for removal
  • does not require use of costly adhesives and is low maintenance
  • preserves jawbone, reducing the appearance of premature aging
  • restores proper chewing ability up to 100%, allowing a better diet and improved health minimally invasive and can generally be completed in one day
  • a long-lasting solution

implant-supported denture

  • more secure than a conventional denture, although must be removed daily for cleaning requires less adhesive than a conventional denture
  • preserves jaw bone in the front of the mouth only
  • restores chewing ability to 25-40%
  • increases comfort with less irritation of gum tissue than a conventional denture nal prosthesis can be utilized 3-6 months after procedure

Conventional denture

  • removable and unstable, often shifting when speaking and eating
  • requires costly adhesives
  • can further jawbone recession and the appearance of premature aging
  • chewing ability is commonly reduced to 5-15% over long-term use, leaving limited food choices lower cost initially, but requires continued maintenance costs through lifetime
  • will need to be remade or relined to compensate for bone loss
  • can be made within a few weeks